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We have been helping clients overcome virtualization, telecommunication, cyber security and software development challenges for years. With experience in Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, and Federal agencies, we are skilled at what we do and always open to new opportunities. Our team of consultants offer a wide range of Information Technology consulting services, utilizing proven IT and management methodologies to achieve world-class results.

We only offer professional information technology services. We have no financial arrangements with any hardware manufacturers or software publishers. Therefore, our only priority is delivering cost effective solutions to our clients. The development of recommendations on information technology alternatives is done without bias or financial entanglements.

The ability to apply best practices and lessons learned over a broad range of clients enables us  to assist our clients in the identification and implementation of the optimum solution. While many firms are capable of building or deploying software, we differentiate ourselves by placing more emphasis on the business solution, while ensuring that the technical platform is up to the task. Our understanding of a business challenge is greatly enhanced by our broad experience.

We care about our work

We specialize in delivering top-notch services including:

Optimizing the existing information systems processes for your business
IT Advisory Services.
Project Management.
Help with migration of your business application processes and logistics to new IT/Web enterprise virtual server systems.
Integrating your current environment with the right Identity and Access Management solution.
Developing and optimizing eMail and Backup Solutions.
Network interconnection and wireless network integration.
Enterprise Directory Server Infrastructure.
Engineering affordable backup solutions.
System Automation using Programing and Configuration Management technology.
Expert advice and consultation to help reduce your infrastructure IT cost.

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