Why even do a blog in 2019?

Is there a need to blog anything anymore? Have Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms totally overtaken this niche?

I don’t really think so. Blogging is more important than ever because those other platforms are simply delivery mechanisms.Given the current state of public opinion regarding social media, blogging is becoming ever more relevant.

Why do I want to do a blog? Well, I really feel I need to keep my writing skill sup to date. Publishing new posts on a regular basis takes thought and a bit of research. Social media has made it so easy to become part of the conversation by simply “liking”, “sharing”, or “re-tweeting” someone else’s thoughts and words. I’m not entirely convinced that’s a good thing.

Hopefully, over the coming weeks and months, I’ll find it within my self to actually post worthwhile content here. Will anyone else ever read it? I doubt it. My current employment situation keeps me from writing much on the subject I’m most qualified to write about (information security). Instead, expect to see some articles about my past, my plans for the future, relocating, and maybe even some non-security related tech stuff. After all, I am still a verified card carrying geek.

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